• Basic Research
  • Applied Research
  • Action Research

Basic Research

  • This is also known as pure, fundamental or even theoretical research
  • It is research for knowledge sake; aim is new knowledge irrespective of any use at the moment of discovery.
  • It may be done out of curiosity, or to build a theory.
  • It is mostly conducted in academic and related research centres.
  • There may not be any immediate need or application of the new knowledge thus produced; nor it is conducted for any immediate gain or problem solving.


Applied Research

  • conducted to solve any immediate problem of theory or practice at hand
  • Example are “Action research” “Case Studies”, “Clinical Research”, “Research and Development”
  • Library and information management is a fertile field for applied research

Action Research

  • is focused on immediate application, not to develop any theory for general             applications
  • aim is to provide practical benefits to the client


Action research is usually focussed on a single situation, say on a single library:

• It is carried out in a series of cycles one improving upon the previous.

• It is mostly reflective and audit like or evaluative.

• It is concerned with real practice to examine if the practice needs change.

• In each cycle a hypothesis is proposed, tested and next action is planned.

• Method is refined in each cycle by using different method of observation and


• It involves many people such as informants, interpreters, planners, administrators

and researchers

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