British Library

British Library

  • The British Library is the national library of the United Kingdom
  • It is working as alegal depositlibrary in United Kingdom and Ireland
  • Location : London
  • Director : DameLynne Brindley
  • The British Library was created on 1 July 1973 as a result of theBritish Library Act 1972.
  • The library was originally a department of theBritish Museum
  • The core of the Library's historical collections is based on a series of donations and acquisitions from the 18th century, known as the 'foundation collections'

TheIndia Office Records

TheIndia Office Recordsare a very large collection of documents relating to the administration ofIndiafrom 1600 to 1947, the period spanningCompanyandBritish rule in India. The archive is held inLondonby theBritish Library and is publicly accessible

The India Office Records are the repository of the archives of theEast India Company(1600-1858), theBoard of Control or Board of Commissioners for the Affairs of India(1784-1858), theIndia Office(1858-1947), the Burma Office(1937-1948), and a number of related British agencies overseas

The India Office Records are administered by The British Library as part of the Public Records of the United Kingdom

Blaise (British Library Automated Information Service) established in 1977

  • It is in essence an on-line library-housekeeping and information service which is being created by the British Library based on established information retrieval software.





The British National Bibliography (BNB)

  • It was established in 1949 in response to the recommendations of Lionel McColvin who had undertaken a survey of the public library service in 1942 which resulted in the McColvin Report
  • The British National Bibliography (BNB) lists the books and new journal titles published or distributed in the United Kingdom and Ireland since 1950
  • The BNB is the single most comprehensive listing of UK titles.
  • UK and Irish publishers are obliged by law to send a copy of all new publications, including serial titles, to theLegal Deposit Office
  • This work is done in partnership with the five other British and Irish libraries allowed by law the privilege of legal deposit, under theLegal Deposit Libraries Shared Cataloguing Programme

The British Council

  • The British Council is the United Kingdom's leading cultural relations organization
  • Libraries are in the following 09 cities:  Ahmedabad, Bangalore, Chandigarh,  Chennai, Hyderabad,  Kolkata ,  Mumbai, New Delhi , Pune
  • The Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) provides a core grant-in-aid.

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